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An estimated billion people use Excel. Big score for Microsoft!  So how can spreadsheets be dangerous? If you are using them to manage your Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) they are: Time consuming Difficult to manage Prone to errors Do not provide a chain of evidence 1. TIME CONSUMING Face facts, your Risk and Compliance team members spend enormous amounts of hours constructing, posting, editing, and reporting via spreadsheets. It is critical work but: Is it efficient? Nope! Cost effective? Nope! [...]

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Do Your Employees Know About Your Compliance Management Program? 5 Tips for Raising Awareness

Creating a compliance management program is one thing. Creating an effective compliance management system is something else entirely. Here are 5 tips for making your plan a successful one. You’ve implemented a regulatory compliance program. It covers everything from workplace safety rules to cyber security. You’ve spent hours, days, perhaps even months fine-tuning the pieces. You’ve checked all the boxes. You’ve met all the legal requirements. Then comes the moment of truth: You ask your employees what they know about compliance, [...]

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Aruvio GRC Software Scales to Meet the Needs of Growing Businesses

As your company grows, you’ll likely notice an escalating need for governance, risk management, and compliance activities. GRC software solutions can help companies handle their GRC needs, providing the needed information and safeguards that will keep your company in compliance with the law, but, occasionally, the needs of a business will outgrow its software. Aruvio provides a GRC platform that can scale up as your GRC needs grow. Ideal for small-to mid-size businesses, Aruvio’s GRC platform can be customized to [...]

Four Cybersecurity & Compliance Trends To Watch Out For In 2017

Four Cybersecurity & Compliance Trends To Watch Out For In 2017

Don’t let the new political environment in Washington, D.C. fool you. Although the new administration has pledged to cut regulations, the regulatory state remains strong, and political infighting may doom efforts to reform it. Corporations need to keep a strong focus on regulatory compliance, not just for the sake of staying on the right side of the government, but also to reap the benefits of good practices. Governance, risk, and compliance professionals need to keep their eyes on emerging compliance [...]

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