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Aruvio GRC Software Scales to Meet the Needs of Growing Businesses

As your company grows, you’ll likely notice an escalating need for governance, risk management, and compliance activities. GRC software solutions can help companies handle their GRC needs, providing the needed information and safeguards that will keep your company in compliance with the law, but, occasionally, the needs of a business will outgrow its software. Aruvio provides a GRC platform that can scale up as your GRC needs grow. Ideal for small-to mid-size businesses, Aruvio’s GRC platform can be customized to [...]

GRC Tech Trends

Three GRC Tech Trends for 2017

Governance, risk management, and compliance constantly evolve, and 2017 will bring new challenges causing GRC professionals to race to keep up with the pace of change. Some of the most interesting trends for 2017 appear, not surprisingly, to be in the area of technology.  GRC solutions experts have been running ragged to keep up with the curveballs new technologies and applications can provide (the use of personal smartphones and devices in the office, cloud computing solutions, and more). The pace will [...]

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