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GRC software

Aruvio GRC Software Scales to Meet the Needs of Growing Businesses

As your company grows, you’ll likely notice an escalating need for governance, risk management, and compliance activities. GRC software solutions can help companies handle their GRC needs, providing the needed information and safeguards that will keep your company in compliance with the law, but, occasionally, the needs of a business will outgrow its software. Aruvio provides a GRC platform that can scale up as your GRC needs grow. Ideal for small-to mid-size businesses, Aruvio’s GRC platform can be customized to [...]

GRC compliance

Three IT Areas for SOX Compliance

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act doesn’t just affect your company’s accounting department, SOX compliance is also critical to the IT department. IT managers need to be aware of SOX compliance issues and what they need to do to avoid running afoul of the law. SOX was passed in 2002, largely in response to corporation accounting scandals that had rocked the financial world in the early 00s. In addition to creating rules regarding accounting practices and corporate disclosures, the act also regulates how [...]

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