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Training & Adoption

Certification & Training Management

Accelerate your company’s training programs with training material lifecycle and attestation workflows.

Core Capabilities:

  • Upload Training Materials
  • Review and Approve Training Materials
  • Assign Training Requirements to Groups / Users
  • Distribute Training Material
  • Review / Report Results


Additional Features:

  • Drive policy adoption in your organization with attestation and certification programs, documentation lifecycle and audit workflows.
  • Quickly assign required policy training to users. Our content management features help organize, distribute, and maintain policy and process training materials.
  • Leverage predefined access roles, workflows, reports, and dashboards out of the box.
  • Policy attestation interactive reporting:  measure user understanding through training assessment questionnaires/quizzes.
  • Configure policies, training, and approval processes to meet specific needs, leveraging granular access rights.

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