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Why GRC on the Salesforce ecosystem?

Why GRC on the Salesforce ecosystem?

Aruvio is proud to be part of the Salesforce Ecosystem: Enabling 1.9 Million New Jobs and $389 Billion in New Revenue Over the Next Five Years, see here.

The rate of cloud computing adoption growth is good. However the Salesforce cloud platform’s agility, reliability, scalability, security, and mobility is helping the Salesforce Ecosystem to grow at a higher rate than the overall cloud computing adoption growth. Built in enterprise class software features such as its:

• flexible security model,
• extensibility,
• notifications and alerts engine, and
• reporting and analytics engine

are helping Salesforce partners like Aruvio to focus on core business functions such as Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) process automation for our customers.

The biggest benefit of the platform is its point and click configurability v/s customization needs of other GRC products in the market.

Salesforce’s configurability and extensibility allow Aruvio to quickly configure and customize Aruvio GRC for large size organizations in various industries, such as Life Science, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Legal, and Banking, to automate compliance, audit, risk, and third party management processes.

Salesforce’s focus on continuous innovation and evolving the cloud platform for social needs and interfaces off-loads platform development tasks from vendors like Aruvio. For example the newly released Salesforce Lightning interface is helping Aruvio quickly move to the next generation user interface without investing lots of resources. Innovations in the AppExchange not only helps our customers find us directly, but we can find other complimentary applications and quickly integrate to realize quick benefits and efficiency in GRC automation.

We’re in the midst of a new tech revolution and the Salesforce ecosystem is poised to make enterprises feel comfortable in moving to the cloud for GRC applications. With Salesforce’s innovation, Nick Hayes from Forrester has predicted Salesforce as a Vendor to watch for the GRC market in his blog (see here). Envisioning to grow as one of the best cloud based GRC tools in the market, Aruvio intends to be the Salesforce of the GRC software tools market helping in the Salesforce economy growth.

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