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Defining Success Program Requirements

Defining Success Program Requirements

At Aruvio GRC, we just don’t believe that we are just selling a platform, rather we realize that implementing a Governance, Risk, and Adoption system for the first time may be more difficult than running an artifact-driven compliance/risk/quality program. Think of it as playing 3-tiered chess. Here is our process for managing the process:

  • Level 1 – Need to make sure that we port our artifacts – documentation, training materials, sign-offs, questionnaires, policies, etc. into the system
  • Level 2 – Need to model the workflows, escalations, and approval processes
  • Level 3 – Need to mold the configuration, application layout, flows, screens, and fields to meet our team’s requirements for ease-of-use, our unique needs, and to ensure that our program requirements are comprehensively implemented.

We realize that even for experienced GRC professionals, adapting a new system requires expertise to assist your organization in rolling out your GRC adoption programs and meeting your success requirements.

As part of our initial assessment of your needs, we have built a pre-implementation requirements program that defines the key information that we need to help you build your Adoption program that we call “GRC S.O.A.R.™” which is the framework that we use to define a successful GRC program implementation:

Success – Define Your Compliance Program Goals & Objectives

    • What types of compliance programs are you running?
    • Are there multiple regulatory requirements that you need to reconcile?
    • What are the objectives, goals, and measurement of the programs’ success?

Onboarding – Define Your GRC System Business Requirements

    • What general functionality are you looking for in the system?
    • What are your unique requirements that is driving your decisions?
    • Who is your audience? How experienced are they with your programs?
    • What capabilities would you like to have if cost effective?

Adoption – Define Your Aruvio Platform Functional Staging

    • Do you have use cases? Existing processes? How are you going to drive adoption?
    • Existing policies, controls, training materials, etc to bring into the system?
    • Stage your roll-out and on-boarding of your users based upon your milestone goals.

Requirements – Configure Your Aruvio Platform for Initial Launch

    • Setting up your roles and rules – who does what?
    • Managing your content, forms, notifications, reports, look & feel, etc.
    • Specific workflows, visualizations, connectors, or presentation

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