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Why Cybersecurity and Compliance Are Vital to the Healthcare Industry

Compliance Are Vital to the Healthcare Industry

Why Cybersecurity and Compliance Are Vital to the Healthcare Industry

In the last couple of years, data security has become a major priority for healthcare providers and organizations. Every patient that visits a medical practice for an evaluation and/or treatment is asked for a wide range of personal information: full name, address, phone number, state ID, insurance details, medical history, and more. Plus, each time a co-pay is paid with a card, that payment information enters the system. All of this information is a target for cyber-attacks.

Healthcare and Cybersecurity Are Inherently Linked

On the practice side, medical devices used throughout a hospital or clinic are also susceptible to such attacks, as well as theft or use by unauthorized parties. Unfortunately, many providers fail to realize the potential risks posed by today’s “internet of things,” citing financial and personnel shortages for why they skimp on security. Despite these misgivings, technology experts continue to urge all healthcare providers to make cybersecurity a top priority before it’s too late­.

Compliance Is Everything

The healthcare industry is governed by dozens of federal and state laws and regulations (such as HIPAA and HITECH), and non-compliance with these standards is a one-way ticket to hefty fines—or even to being shut down by the government. Compliance isn’t just the best way to ensure proper patient care and practice function; it’s also the key to keeping your practice open.

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