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Build it (Wrong) and They Will (Not) Come

Build it (Wrong) and They Will (Not) Come

A good program doesn’t just end when the system goes live, so we provide additional program and support services to answer the following issues that we inevitably apply:


  • What KPIs do we measure iterative, progressive, and overall success?
  • What is the performance roadmap? How do we measure? How do we transition?
  • Who will be responsible for conducting internal business quarterly and annual performance & requirements assessments?


  • How do we get initial buy-in, acceptance, and usage?
  • How do we set expectations for each new group that we onboard? What do we put in place to ensure their success?
  • If we are rolling out to additional parts of the organization, what are the KPIs that they need to measure effectiveness and build momentum?
  • For new functionality, how do we manage the change-management process for each new upgrade of system and program capabilities?


  • How do we maintain high levels of organizational buy-in as we progress through stages of our roadmap?
  • For each new rollout of functionality, how do we proactively plan for and ensure individual and group success and satisfaction?


  • With each new stage, what are the changes to business, process, and functional requirements that we need to implement to ensure the organization is successful at each new stage?
  • How do we determine when our requirements change? How do we capture those changes? How do we audit those requirements? How do we make decisions as to stay the course or make the requirements changes? How do we communicate those requirements to the organization? How do we manage the functional requirements change management process?

You would expect a partner who has seen and implemented a larger number of these type programs would be able to assist you in designing the managed services program to compliment the platform implementation.

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