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Policy Management

Policy Management Software

Aruvio’s Policy Management software provides a firm structure for an organization’s governance, risk, and compliance program.

As organizations become more mobile and allow flexible work options it becomes difficult to cohesively create, generate awareness for, and manage adherence to policies, procedures, and guidelines. Policies must align with corporate values, internal mandates, and sync with external regulations and legislation. Auditors, regulators, and executives require organizations to demonstrate actionable protocols, and independent methods for defining and enforcing requirements to gain an accurate view of policy management. Too many policies burden an organization and too few open the door for exposure to unnecessary risk. The best practice for effective policy management includes both the creation of a policy lifecycle and the implementation of a process to continually enforce and evaluate.

Policy Management Software

Why It Is Important to Create a Strong Policy Management Framework

In practice, the goal of developing and maintaining an effective policy management system often remains frustratingly elusive for many organizations. Important documentation relating to policy and procedure updates may never reach the right personnel. Proof of compliance can get lost in a poorly managed GRC system. Much-needed organizational enhancements become unnecessarily delayed due to miscommunication. Standard operating procedure (SOP) turns into a muddle of conflicting directives.

The consequences of ineffective policy management can be dire, undercutting not only a company’s ability to keep pace with applicable legal regulations but damaging mission-critical functions as well.

Standard policy management systems are often inadequate to the task of disseminating, tracking, and storing documentation properly. In many cases, multiple versions of a policy exist in the system without a reliable means to determining which one is most current. Policy retrieval mechanisms may prevent the user from locating the right document in a timely manner.

Fortunately, Aruvio has developed a state-of-the-art software solution that streamlines all aspects of GRC management. Our software resolves common management deficiencies and provides a number of tools designed to enhance communication and archiving functions.

Our Policy Management Software addresses each phase of the policy lifecycle and promotes a culture of governance.

Policy Management Software and Solutions

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