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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Software

Enterprise Risk Management

The Aruvio GRC system makes it easy to use all governance, risk, and compliance activities to manage and improve business continuity and ERM processes beginning at the enterprise level for a top-down approach.

Enterprise risks can come from a wide variety of sources—from partnerships and acquisitions to employee conduct, from internal policy management to external audit. Most often enterprises are not based in a single location. They are geographically dispersed with many locations throughout the world. In turn, changes in regulations or the nature of relationships stand to be interpreted in many different ways. Using our ERM system can prevent inconsistency and improperly updated controls, preventing risks that endanger the entire enterprise.

Implement an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Framework to Aggregate All Risk Management Data Across the Enterprise.

Aruvio’s enterprise risk management software solution allows organizations to identify, evaluate, quantify, calculate, monitor, and manage every risk—across the entire enterprise—in an integrated manner. The aggregation of all data pertaining to risk management in one central location provides a unified view of risk. Aruvio’s framework not only includes each and every risk, but also corresponding controls and evaluations, results from particular assessments, key risk indicators, and events.

Organizations can easily identify problem areas, losses, and near-misses. The cloud-based platform enables rapid identification and resolution of incidents with the ability to implement remediation plans to prevent recurring episodes. Organizations enhance process and efficiency with the ability to link enterprise hierarchy and company infrastructure directly to policies, standards, and procedures. Easily map risk assessments to plan for audits, review audit outcomes, map to incidents, threats, deficiencies, or formulate disaster recovery plans.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Streamlined with Aruvio Workflow Capabilities.

Who, What, When, Where & Why:

Information on the scope of responsibility, business processes, and technology related to specific business functions and spend is readily accessible from any device or location. Aruvio can be customized to display the most detailed information related to the business, such as an organization’s products, service offerings, specials, and deals.

The Aruvio system can aggregate a complete view of all technology used within an organization and track how it is tied to individual business units and offerings to optimize efficiency. This information can also be prioritized based on the level of value to the business. Reports can easily be customized for an organization’s board and senior management for business continuity planning.

Classify & Catalogue:

From general employees to contractors (even consultants), personnel can be cataloged across the entire enterprise, enabling organizations to generate a specified GRC profile for each employee. Departments and business offerings can be gathered by technology and type to demonstrate how employee and departmental task support the overall business function.

Information Technology Use and Critical Asset Tracking:

By managing data and intelligence within one central location, the enterprise can identify which users have access to critical data and how different data sets connect to business processes. Information can be grouped by different attributes, such as type, owner, location, and service.

Weight & Map:

Business priority setting is made easy with the ability to weight and map risk throughout the enterprise. Using our ERM system allows enterprises to assess risk levels and amount or quality of control documentation to accurately make strategic business decisions.

Demonstrate Compliance Across the Enterprise:

Generate reports on all governance risk and compliance activity with any amount of detail at any level. Automatically roll up all risk and compliance activity for simple reports to keep boards and key decision makers informed. Reports can be generated to depict risk at the enterprise, division, business unit, or individual level

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