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In response to the steady increase in government regulations and mandates, many organizations must conduct subsequent audits. Any gaps or inconsistencies leave organizations at risk of non-compliance. The audit management process has become increasingly difficult for organizations due to globalization, dependence on technology, and the growing complexity of businesses. Organizations should use an audit software framework to conduct a large number and variety of audits and eliminate the risk of non-compliance.

Whether an organization is being audited internally or externally, the pains of audit preparation are the same. For many organizations, the pain is exacerbated by the difficulty of finding the resources to ensure proper compliance. A well-designed software solution can go a long way toward easing these burdens. Aruvio’s audit software helps organizations manage all audit-driven activities from related, data, processes, and stakeholders within a single comprehensive framework. This internal audit software can serve as a vital component of any organization’s governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) strategy.

What Is Audit Management?

Audit management is the process of organizing and tracking audit procedures, analyzing data and other relevant information gathered as part of an audit, and proposing an appropriate administrative response to the foregoing.

What Are the Different Types of Audits?

Audits may be either external (executed by an outside entity) or internal (executed by the organization itself). An internal audit is also known as a first-party audit. External audits are classified as either second-party (conducted by a client or other entity that has a business relationship with the organization) or third-party (conducted by an entity completely independent of the organization and its clients).

Focus of an Audit

Audits may be directed toward a product created by an organization, a production process maintained by an organization, or a management system of an organization.

Easily Conduct Audits of Any Type with Aruvio’s Audit Software

Organizations can manage subsequent audits of any type including internal audits, operational audits, IT audits, quality audits, supplier audits, client audits, and vendor audits.

Advanced Audit Capabilities

Organizations can seamlessly track time associated with audit processes, view audit holdups, and handle remediation workflows to successfully conduct audit processes that integrate with organizational risk and compliance processes. Aruvio’s internal audit software provides all the tools needed for every stage of the process.

How Aruvio Can Manage the Complete Audit Lifecycle

Aruvio’s Audit Management Software system gives the organization the capability to handle the full audit lifecycle from end to end. Planning, scheduling, data collection, task and ownership delegation, and even audit reports, recommendations, and remedial activities in response can all be conducted within a single flexible framework.

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