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GRC Solutions

Salesforce Cloud Platform Based Integrated GRC Solutions

The Aruvio system provides unparalleled automation of management, measurement, remediation, and reporting of controls and risks covering all Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), and quality management activities.

The Aruvio solution offers a single platform to manage compliance with multiple regulations, corporate policies, and quality standards. Its enterprise approach makes it a system of record for all quality, compliance, and risk issues within the organization. Aruvio’s powerful system seamlessly integrates with business applications, business intelligence, enterprise content, monitoring systems, IT technical controls and security systems to address all governance, risk and compliance initiatives.

Risk Management

  • Aruvio GRC software offers a framework for risk management assessment that enables managers to identify, analyze, and mitigate any significant threats to vital organizational functions, from new regulations to labor strikes.
  • Systematically collect and organize all relevant policies, procedures, agreements, and regulations in a secure manner, so businesses can respond appropriately to risks without fear of exposing sensitive data to unauthorized parties. Build or import controls to support legislative policies, such as FCPA, OCED Anti-Bribery Convention, and anti-money laundering, and ensure compliance with national labor/human rights regulations and public standards.
  • Utilize risk calculators, risk heat maps, risk registers, and a wide variety of content-driven features to manage the risk management process through every stage.

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Risk Management

Third-Party Risk Management

  • Manage relationships with third-party businesses of all sizes to ensure that the organization can accurately analyze the trade-offs between benefits and risks involved in each relationship.
  • Track the varied regulations, laws, and practices that each third-party vendor or party operates under, no matter where they’re located, to enable the business to benefit from a proactive approach to risk management.
  • Central cloud repository gives businesses a secure resource for storing all contracts, legislative documents, and miscellaneous materials relevant to the management of third-party risk.
  • Automate assessments of third-party risks based on a particular framework, such as Agreed Upon Procedures (AUP) or Standard Information Gathering (SIG) standards.

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Third-Party Risk Management

Audit Management: Internal & External

  • Manage internal controls and audit/test procedures to identify audit issues, such as inconsistencies in compliance with government mandates, and create an appropriate mitigation plan. Manage all audit management activities in a comprehensive, structured framework for optimal organizational efficiency.
  • Utilize auditing preparation tools relevant to the particular type of external or internal audit: first-, second-, third-, or fourth-party. The Aruvio software helps with IT audits, operational audits, quality audits, vendor audits, and much more.
  • Plan and schedule tasks, collect data, delegate task ownership, and perform other key functions over the course of the entire audit lifecycle, beginning to end, all in a single framework.

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Internal and External Audit Management

Compliance Management – Quality and Safety for Corrective & Preventive Action Management

  • Maintain a unified compliance framework that empowers the business in its efforts to conform to regulations, both internal and external (governmental), across the entire enterprise.
  • Develop compliance policies, provide employees with relevant training, perform compliance audits, and report findings of audits within a central compliance management solution. Aruvio’s Salesforce cloud-based software enables access to compliance management applications from anywhere on the network and from any device.
  • Utilize a common controls framework to comply with a range of regulations, including ISO, HIPAA, and SOX.

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Compliance Management

Vendor Risk Management

  • Identify all relevant aspects of the vendor-client relationship to calculate their value and share findings to improve processes. Ensure vendors interact with the organization in a manner compliant with applicable regulations, such as the PCI DSS, SOX, and HIPAA.
  • Aruvio’s centralized data store enables accurate data collection from multiple vendors. Automated controls and secure data sharing enable smooth communications. Manage all vendors in a single repository, no matter where vendors are located.
  • Policy training applications let vendors review and agree to policies. Remove outdated policies with ease.
  • Incident management is made easy with Aruvio’s GRC cloud platform, which allows the user to take action remotely.
  • Integrated due-diligence process by bringing the comprehensive business information from databases such as LexisNexis, D&B, and the Red Flag Group.

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Successful Vendor Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

  • Aruvio’s GRC software manages business continuity processes at the enterprise level to ensure a comprehensive top-down approach to governance, risk, and compliance Ability to manage multiple enterprise locations allows the system to juggle inconsistent rules and regulations that prevail in various regions.
  • Aggregate various types of risk management data from the entire enterprise. Integrated system organizes and analyzes not only various risks but their corresponding controls, assessment results, and associated events as well.
  • Identify problems easily with the Aruvio cloud-based platform to identify and resolve incidents. Demonstrate compliance with enterprise GRC reports that provide as much detail as needed.

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Enterprise Risk Management

Operational Risk Management (ORM)

  • Manage departments that may harbor operational risks, such as sub-optimally functioning systems or personnel. Develop individualized risk assessment process for each unit or department to ensure proper alignment with organizational goals at every level of the business.
  • An ORM solution gives organizations the tools to analyze risks, define appropriate controls, manage audits (external and internal), and resolve incidents. Role-based views and real-time information provide vital data regarding ORM processes.
  • Customizable control and test libraries give organizations the tools they need to define ORM practices according to the unique needs of the company.

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Operational Risk Management

Policy Management

  • Aruvio GRC solutions address the needs of today’s businesses, allowing them to create and disseminate policies and procedures, comply with regulatory requirements, and eliminate superfluous or outdated policies.
  • Create an effective policy management framework that can be updated in conformity with new regulations and corporate directives. Streamline all areas of GRC to eliminate common deficiencies at the managerial level.
  • Promote sound GRC processes with a properly managed policy lifecycle.

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Policy Management Software and Solutions

Incident Management

  • Aruvio’s cloud-based GRC solution gives organizations the tools they need to track incidents that can compromise business processes. Respond to incidents, from the minor to the serious, and take steps to address the issue in a timely manner. Real-time situational awareness provides appropriate alerts whenever incidents arise from any source.
  • Ensure consistency in the incident response process and preserve documentation relating to events of all kinds, from environmental disasters to security violations.
  • Enforce controls to reduce or eliminate future occurrences of a particular type of incident.

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incident management and compliance

Controls Management

  • Aruvio GRC software simplifies controls management by providing an enterprise-wide library that gathers and organizes internally developed standards, as well as widely recognized standards such as the ISO 27000 series. The Controls Management feature gives you the tools to create a comprehensive controls framework according to your specifications.
  • Build your own common control framework or use the Unified Compliance Framework™ (UCF) or the Cloud Security Alliance Cloud Controls Matrix™ (CCM) features harmonized controls that are mapped across international standards and regulations. The common control frameworks help organizations eliminate redundant, overlapping compliance requirements that span hundreds of different regulations.
  • Update controls with ease, as alerts are sent whenever relevant standards are changed. Assessment processes can be automated for added convenience.

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controls management

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