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Enterprise Governance, Risk & Compliance (EGRC)

Enterprise Governance, Risk & Compliance (eGRC)

A Single View of Governance, Risk & Compliance Activity Across the Enterprise

Millions of documents, transactions, records & data sets

Thousands of employees, consultants, suppliers & partners

Hundreds of policies, products & regulatory requirements

One Comprehensive View With Aruvio GRC.

Aruvio Cloud-Based GRC allows organizations to build and maintain a holistic governance, risk and compliance (GRC) program spanning across each silo of the business: IT, finance, operations and legal.

A Familiar Salesforce Interface Preloaded with Thousands of Control Frameworks

Aruvio’s enterprise approach develops and maintains a record system for organization-wide compliance, quality, risks and incidents. Advanced reporting capabilities generate a rapid data on performance and risk related metrics to develop, manage, measure and maintain compliance a quality processes. Aruvio’s partnership with the Unified Compliance Framework allows point and click control mapping to address industry and function specific risk and compliance management such as privacy, anti-bribery compliance, business continuity management (BCM), PCI compliance, conflict minerals, Basel II, Solvency II, third-party risk management.

No preexisting GRC structure? No problem.

Every organization relies heavily on computers to execute day-to-day business. The heavy reliance on IT has created a need to organize, store and maintain both data and workflows to execute and manage risk and compliance activity across the enterprise.  Aruvio provides the technology and support to develop, enhance and maintain governance, risk and compliance programs from the ground up.

Build an Enterprise GRC Program

Aruvio’s Powerful reporting and workflow capabilities provides executives, auditors and managers a holistic view of the enterprise\’s risk and compliance outlook and the ability to develop, oversee and operate risk management and compliance program

Shift from isolated compliance initiatives and departmentally dispersed risk information, to integrated enterprise-wide strategies for GRC and quality management

Enhance Enterprise GRC Programs

Systematically define, identify and implement corporate business objectives across the Enterprise through a phased approach

An integrated database equips users to sort and view objectives by requirement, entity and geography

Visualize, automate and monitor controls with built-in workflow

Maintain Enterprise GRC Programs

Deploy consistent GRC and quality processes throughout the entire organization

Custom integrated reports

Oversight of control maps, ownerships and remediation efforts

Automated regulatory notifications and industry alerts help eliminate gaps and proactively sustain a healthy GRC program across the enterprise

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