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Policy & SOP Management

Why GRC on the Salesforce ecosystem?

Aruvio is proud to be part of the Salesforce Ecosystem: Enabling 1.9 Million New Jobs and $389 Billion in New Revenue Over the Next Five Years, see here. The rate of cloud computing adoption growth is good. However the Salesforce cloud platform’s agility, reliability, scalability, security, and mobility is helping the Salesforce Ecosystem to grow at a higher rate than the overall cloud computing adoption growth. Built in enterprise class software features such as its: • flexible security model, • extensibility, • notifications and [...]

Employee Policy and SOP Management

Going Nuclear on Employee Policy & SOP Management

One of the major challenges for organizations in managing GRC is that GRC is not really an application. It is a category of a lot of different applications associated with the adherence, tracking, remediation, and reporting of policies within an organization. Historically, these applications were managed as independent applications. Regulatory compliance was compliance, information security, safety programs, quality management, HR policy management, etc. But, as these programs have evolved and broadened, as well as, the increased continuous management; organizations are [...]

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