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GRC Success (Blog)

The Aruvio blog includes updates on the latest GRC trends and information to help you make an informed GRC purchase.

Defining Success Program Requirements

At Aruvio GRC, we just don’t believe that we are just selling a platform, rather we realize that implementing a Governance, Risk, and Adoption system for the first time may be more difficult than running an artifact-driven compliance/risk/quality program. Think of it as playing 3-tiered chess. Here is our process for managing the process: Level 1 – Need to make sure that we port our artifacts - documentation, training materials, sign-offs, questionnaires, policies, etc. into the system Level 2 [...]

Aruvio GRC S.O.A.R™ Success Program Overview

S = Success Goals O = On-boarding Process A = User Adoption R = Requirements Roadmap The biggest challenge for organizations migrating from static-artifact driven compliance programs to dynamic GRC systems is “adoption”. The system is only as good as the information in the system and if your users do not use the system in a systematic way, you will have holes in your “compliance” program, documentation, audit defense, quality processes, and/or risk management. User participation and engagement is critical to introducing a new [...]

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