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Regulatory Risk Management: What Do These Acronyms Mean, and How They Apply

There are a lot of acronyms in the business world, especially when it comes to regulatory bodies and risk management. So many, in fact, it can be hard to keep them all straight. On that note, we’ve put together a helpful list of some of the most important acronyms when it comes to regulatory compliance. ISO: International Organization for Standardization. An organization made up of representatives from standards organizations from around the world, tasked with creating international regulatory standards [...]


An estimated billion people use Excel. Big score for Microsoft!  So how can spreadsheets be dangerous? If you are using them to manage your Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) they are: Time consuming Difficult to manage Prone to errors Do not provide a chain of evidence 1. TIME CONSUMING Face facts, your Risk and Compliance team members spend enormous amounts of hours constructing, posting, editing, and reporting via spreadsheets. It is critical work but: Is it efficient? Nope! Cost effective? Nope! [...]

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Do Your Employees Know About Your Compliance Management Program? 5 Tips for Raising Awareness

Creating a compliance management program is one thing. Creating an effective compliance management system is something else entirely. Here are 5 tips for making your plan a successful one. You’ve implemented a regulatory compliance program. It covers everything from workplace safety rules to cyber security. You’ve spent hours, days, perhaps even months fine-tuning the pieces. You’ve checked all the boxes. You’ve met all the legal requirements. Then comes the moment of truth: You ask your employees what they know about compliance, [...]

Why GRC on the Salesforce ecosystem?

Aruvio is proud to be part of the Salesforce Ecosystem: Enabling 1.9 Million New Jobs and $389 Billion in New Revenue Over the Next Five Years, see here. The rate of cloud computing adoption growth is good. However the Salesforce cloud platform’s agility, reliability, scalability, security, and mobility is helping the Salesforce Ecosystem to grow at a higher rate than the overall cloud computing adoption growth. Built in enterprise class software features such as its: • flexible security model, • extensibility, • notifications and [...]

Controversy, Compliance and Changes in Fair Labors Standard Act (FLSA)

On May 18th, an update to the Fair Labors Standard Act (FLSA) was published, where any employee making less than $47,476 will now be classified as non-exempt.  Employers have until Dec 1st, 2016 to comply.  Obviously this new ruling will undoubtedly cause headaches for your compliance and audit professionals.    ‘Covered employers’ who violate this law can be subject to heavy fines, litigation, and/or audits.  Here are ways to mitigate your organization’s risks from the new FLSA: Audit employees salary [...]

FCPA Violations and FCPA Enforcement Has Increased

FCPA violations FCPA Enforcement Has Dramatically Increased

Building compliance programs to prevent, detect and eliminate FCPA violations Although the FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) was enacted nearly thirty years ago, the legislation is now facing more rigorous enforcement than ever by the SEC and DOJ. The Obama Administration has made it clear to the business community that FCPA enforcement will be a high priority and also focused on new industries – pharmaceutical and financial institutions – while additional resources are assigned to support the crackdown. In response, [...]

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