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3rd Party & Vendor Management

Head off supply chain disruption

Potential supply chain disruption is a tangible risk.  This is not a matter of if, but when, how bad and what are your options? Your supply chain risk management system must function as an early warning system and to manage those risks as they arise. Risks include: Regulatory compliance; Information privacy and security; Contract obligations; Employee and third-party fraud; Corporate culture; Change management Managing an agile and comprehensive supply chain risk management system is tough. You must constantly ask, “How can [...]

Vendor and Third-Party Risk Management is Difficult

Think Vendors Are Risky Now? Just Wait…

Ask vendor & third-party relationship managers whether their job is harder today than 5-10 years ago and you will get “both”. The technology has made the job easier in that communications and tracking are easier, but the fact that the technology made things easier just meant that they were being asked to do more with less. Technology has helped to manage more vendors efficiently, but that means more vendors for each vendor manager along with more detailed reporting, but [...]

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