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Author - Rajesh Unadkat

Defining Success Program Requirements

At Aruvio GRC, we just don’t believe that we are just selling a platform, rather we realize that implementing a Governance, Risk, and Adoption system for the first time may be more difficult than running an artifact-driven compliance/risk/quality program. Think of it as playing 3-tiered chess. Here is our process for managing the process: Level 1 – Need to make sure that we port our artifacts - documentation, training materials, sign-offs, questionnaires, policies, etc. into the system Level 2 [...]

Aruvio GRC S.O.A.R™ Success Program Overview

S = Success Goals O = On-boarding Process A = User Adoption R = Requirements Roadmap The biggest challenge for organizations migrating from static-artifact driven compliance programs to dynamic GRC systems is “adoption”. The system is only as good as the information in the system and if your users do not use the system in a systematic way, you will have holes in your “compliance” program, documentation, audit defense, quality processes, and/or risk management. User participation and engagement is critical to introducing a new [...]

Communicating Policies and Keeping Them Relevant

GRC 20/20 Expert to Provide Insight on Stronger Policy Conveyance in the Enterprise ATLANTA, GEORGIA, MARCH 6, 2015 – A well-written policy that is not easily understood by employees is like having no policy at all; policy is only effective when employees know and understand it. Scattered approaches for policy access and communication also confuse employees. Every policy should have a communication plan that not only evaluates and determines necessary messaging, training and attestation but also aims to make policies [...]

Small International Business Slashes Heavy GRC Workload with Cloud-Based Automation

Supplier of Aesthetic Medical Devices Reveals Benefits from Modernizing Its Compliance System ATLANTA, GEORGIA, MARCH 3, 2015 – Sophisticated policies and processes for Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) are not limited to large enterprises. Business and other organizations of smaller size and scope are tasked by federal and industry officials with proving compliance for a perpetually growing volume of rapidly changing rules and regulations. Regardless, organizations administering GRC have long used a burdensome and error-prone traditional system of spreadsheets, [...]

When and How to Write a Policy

GRC 20/20 Expert to Provide Assessment Strategies for Producing Enterprise Rules and Guidelines ATLANTA, GEORGIA, FEBRUARY 19, 2015 – Policy matters. However, many view policies as often a nuisance and occasionally irrelevant. Organizations often lack an auditable means of policy maintenance, communication, attestation, and training. Without policy, there is no written standard for acceptable and unacceptable conduct, which can quickly result in significantly negative consequences for the organization. Corporate policies define boundaries for the behavior of individuals, business processes, relationships, [...]

Aruvio Releases Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) 4.0 Platform with Enhancements for 2015

GRC Solutions Leader Expanding Service Offering to Prepare Customers for Tougher Regulatory Environment ATLANTA, GEORGIA, JANUARY 8, 2015 – Aruvio, a leading provider of cloud-based Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions, announced today that the company has released its cloud-based GRC 4.0 platform to provide customers with enhanced functionality for stronger audit, compliance and risk management. “GRC is a big challenge for enterprises of all sizes and scopes. These businesses are operating under increasingly heavy legal and regulatory scrutiny, as improperly [...]

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