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Author - Rajesh Unadkat

IT Security Paranoia

IT Security: Are You Still Paranoid If You Are Right?

If you have been in your IT Security role for a while, I can probably guess a few things about your environment: You are up on the latest “everything” that lock the physical network down; data, network app. You have all of the data protection tools that you can afford. You probably have a wish list longer than your current budget for this year and next. You know that you can’t stop D.U.M.B. actions if you don’t know what [...]

A View from Inside the Tornado

As a vendor, we get asked all the time about what everyone else is doing, what are we seeing as trends, and how does their requirements compare to others in the market. It is natural for all of us to want to make sure that our assumptions and requirements are comprehensive. Who wants to miss anything? So to that end, we put together a sampling of some of the trends that we are seeing in the market for your [...]

Defining Success Program Requirements

At Aruvio GRC, we just don’t believe that we are just selling a platform, rather we realize that implementing a Governance, Risk, and Adoption system for the first time may be more difficult than running an artifact-driven compliance/risk/quality program. Think of it as playing 3-tiered chess. Here is our process for managing the process: Level 1 – Need to make sure that we port our artifacts - documentation, training materials, sign-offs, questionnaires, policies, etc. into the system Level 2 [...]

Aruvio GRC S.O.A.R™ Success Program Overview

S = Success Goals O = On-boarding Process A = User Adoption R = Requirements Roadmap The biggest challenge for organizations migrating from static-artifact driven compliance programs to dynamic GRC systems is “adoption”. The system is only as good as the information in the system and if your users do not use the system in a systematic way, you will have holes in your “compliance” program, documentation, audit defense, quality processes, and/or risk management. User participation and engagement is critical to introducing a new [...]

Aruvio Releases Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) 4.0 Platform with Enhancements for 2015

GRC Solutions Leader Expanding Service Offering to Prepare Customers for Tougher Regulatory Environment ATLANTA, GEORGIA, JANUARY 8, 2015 – Aruvio, a leading provider of cloud-based Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions, announced today that the company has released its cloud-based GRC 4.0 platform to provide customers with enhanced functionality for stronger audit, compliance and risk management. “GRC is a big challenge for enterprises of all sizes and scopes. These businesses are operating under increasingly heavy legal and regulatory scrutiny, as improperly [...]

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