Build, Manage & Maintain Governance, Risk and Compliance Initiatives

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Watch Webinar: Confronting Risk
in the Supplier Vetting Process

November 12th 2014 | 11:30AM EST

There are a number of partially overlapping information security
standards, procedures and guidelines that are used as a basis for
expressing customer requirements and supplier offerings during the
procurement process. For the acquirer, this array of standards can make
it difficult to judge what a supplier certification actually means, what value
to place on it and what security benefits it actually signifies or grants.

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“Reporting and dashboard capabilities are well done. It’s simple and quick to get to detailed data. Users have numerous reports and views out of the box, and one can customize any of these as desired.”

- SC Magazine

Aruvio’s cloud-based set of governance, risk and compliance applications assess risk, visualize controls, handle vendors and demonstrate compliance. Advanced reporting capabilities to generate rapid data on performance and risk related metrics to develop, manage, measure and maintain compliance and quality processes.

Aruvio’s GRC software platform is perfectly suited for any size organization.

Simplify Controls

Create and manage control mappings, framework and enterprise-wide library with industry standards and common controls. Learn More

Automate Compliance

Quickly automate manually intensive tasks to save time and frustration, minimize changes to your existing process and retain agility. Learn More

Manage Risk

Identify, manage, understand and report risks across the enterprise for business, operational and IT executives. Learn More

Streamline Policy

Automate and streamline policy lifecycle management, awareness & training, track acceptance, and manage exceptions. Learn More

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